Monday, April 4, 2011


Bloody Mary has been haunting school aged children for years. Students tell of seeing her in bathroom mirrors and some even tell of her doing horrible things. The simple truth of the matter though is that Bloody Mary cannot exist in the real world; she can only hurt people in their own minds. Having said this, there are ways to get rid of Bloody Mary. These are the secrets that have been passed down through the years to rid your home of Bloody Mary once and for all. Carefully follow the instructions below and within three days Bloody Mary will no longer exist in your home or in your dreams.
1. For three nights put a cross in the middle of your bathroom mirrow with soap and then cover your bathroom mirror with a towel or other cloth sprinkled with a bit of vinegar for the night. Bloody Mary does not like soap, vinegar or crosses and if the mirror is covered she will think that the way through is blocked.

2. On the third night keep the bathroom light on with the cloth off the mirror. The light will trick Mary (who is no longer bloody or scary) into thinking that it is daytime and she will move on to another place on the other side of the world and never visit your home again.

3. For each of the three nights say the following prayer kneeling beside your bed. "Lord, Help me to be brave. Help me to get Bloody Mary out of my head once and for all. Banish her from my dreams and help me sleep tight." Amen

4. For each of the three nights, in addition to the ritual and prayer above, drink a very small bit of milk with a pinch of salt, vanilla, and honey stirred into it. This is a special mixture and should be used sparingly. This is an old family recipe that is guaranteed to make you invisable to all ghosts including Bloody Mary. If she can't see you she will not come. If you rub a little bit of this mixture on each cheek it makes the charm work faster. Have one - but only one - parent in the house drink it too and the invisability charm with be even stronger.

Remember to follow these instructions carefully and Bloody Mary will never visit you again.


P.S. The really great thing about the special drink and putting a bit on your cheeks is that it goes into your skin and makes you invisable to ghosts such as Bloody Mary not only at home but everywhere else too.


  1. what if she has been with you for over a month?

    1. we only have to do it in bathroom mirror or all mirror

  2. wow. that is so cool. but i did it at the library and i took a video and i was with 4 friends and 2 of them did it i did not do it. on tape, i saw something darken in the mirror. i think it was her. it was at the library, and i have the video on my iPhone. will she come and get me? will she be in my dreams? will it get my 2 friends? please answer me i am really scared!
    one of my friends that did it said that bloody marry will be haunting the library and we did it with the lights on. also will she follow me home!?!?! so i am so frighted now..... please get back to me.
    P.S. if you need any more info i will tell you...

  3. Will she come if you actually do it?

  4. me and my 3 friends did it at school and also some of my friends did it at home we actually did the ritual 3 times.and now we don't know what to do we are really scared right now she keeps on following us everywhere.i'm really really scared because our house has many mirrors every where you look you can see a mirror and every night ireally get nervous going to the bathroom i am afraid of seeing her and even i see a black and white picture i can see her because i have one hanging on the wall because i am sleeping in one room with my grandmother. i don't know what to do i 'm really frighted i can't sleep at night......pls help me and my friends
    P.S sorry for the wrong spelling and bad english i am from the philippines that's why my english is bad pls write back fast.